Generativemasks Japan Edition, 2022

100 artworks

Generativemasks Japan Edition’ is a continuation of that algorithm and a new expression based on research of Japanese colours and patterns conducted with Junya Yamamine. We developed a video expression with an awareness of colour, design, and shading, referring to traditional Japanese patterns (和柄 Wagara) such as kimonos, folding screen paintings, and woodblock prints(浮世絵 Ukiyo-e). This research led to a special edition of ‘Generativemasks’ inspired by masks as ornaments of the Web3 era.

"With the spread of new information technologies such as NFT, DAO, and with PFP (Profile Picture) in the spotlight, Takawo began to gain notoriety with his ‘Generativemasks’ themed as Masks for the Web 3.0 Era. However, as mentioned above, he has appeared from within the context of Japanese media art and has also advocated and continues to practice Daily Coding as an activity to connect programming with daily life, coming, climate, and indigenous culture since 2019.

This time, he uses diverse cultures as a source of inspiration in his coding flexibly, and he has created a special edition of Generativemasks based on the study of traditional Japanese patterns and colours. This is an experiment for him to further develop his coding practice and training as a visual art form." - Junya Yamamine, curator


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