An exhibition space for digital artworks
Explore and collect artworks presented by contemporary galleries and curators, with provenance recorded on the blockchain.
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Verse connects the art world with a new generation of collectors.
Better provenance keeping
Verse records changes in an artwork’s ownership on a publicly visible ledger known as a blockchain. Blockchain transparency means that an artwork’s provenance can be traced back to the artist. Fakes are impossible.
Verse requires no blockchain or crypto experience. Pay with credit or debit card, no wallet required. Works you fall out of love with can be listed on our secondary market in seconds, with a small secondary market fee of 2.5%.
We use green blockchains like Ethereum with very low energy consumptions. The small volume of carbon emissions we do generate through our blockchain transactions, we offset through accredited carbon reduction initiatives.
Art world team
We are a team of technologists and art world professionals. We have decades of gallery and museum experience, having worked with countless major galleries, auction houses and leading contemporary artists around the world.
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Exhibitor royalties
Artists, curators and galleries receive secondary market royalties for life.
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As well as purely-digital works, Verse also presents digital versions of physical works.
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