Verse is a marketplace for the world’s
best contemporary art NFTs.

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital asset secured by cryptography on a blockchain. In essence, they allow us to prove ownership and provenance of digital items.
Verse is a platform to collect digital artworks minted as NFTs. Artworks are offered directly from the artists through exhibitions curated by leading art world figures. Collectors can also buy and sell works through a secondary marketplace.
We support both credit/debit card payments and USDC cryptocurrency.
All artworks on Verse are minted as ERC-1155 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.
The main idea of blockchain is that we should be able to own our assets. Any NFT purchased on Verse can be withdrawn to a private wallet such as Metamask. NFT withdrawal is free - we will cover the gas fees for you. To withdraw an NFT open your edition page and click "Withdraw". Detailed instructions can be found in our Help Center.
Verse is committed to reducing the environmental impact of energy used to secure the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum currently relies on energy-intensive computations to secure the blockchain, but we expect upgrades within a year to make transactions more efficient than Visa transactions. We have partnered with Offsetra to offset the carbon emissions we generate from blockchain transactions.
If you resell an artwork you’ve purchased, a variable artist royalty plus a 2.5% marketplace fee will be automatically deducted from the payment you receive from the buyer. Buyers never pay fees.
Please visit our artists or curators page for more information.

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