Sketchbook A

William Mapan
64 artworks
64/64 sold 0 available

Collectors will be eligible to claim a signed print of their work, paper size 18.8 x 25 cm, artwork size 14.8 x 21 cm. The print will serve as a thank you from the artist, and will not be part of the artwork.

To claim your print, please fill out this Typeform. This page will display a list of claimed and unclaimed editions updated daily. The delivery time is 4 months.

You can pay by credit card, MetaMask, Tezos or prepaid USDC. Learn more

Sketchbook A is a series of what appear to be scrawled childlike drawings created with coloured pencils, doodles one might find in a sketchbook. Upon closer inspection, the works are an...


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