Farbspiel #2, 2022

3 editions

“The original idea was to take this particular way we experience colors, through the UI of digital art programs, and to find interesting ways to transform them or approach them in different ways. We aren't taking a scientific approach, we aren't looking at color theory. The color wheel itself is just a particular representation of the natural phenomenon that is colors.

Our starting point was an algorithm that takes the color wheel as input, and then uses a formula that it applies to each pixel to displace it. So if you animate this, it often looks like a force displacing the particles or pixels. It's interesting that a lot of the outputs we created are very visually distinct, yet the code is 95% the same, with only some formula and value changes.” - BYMA

Jeff Davis has nominated the artist duo BYMA for Verse's exhibition Chromatics, showcasing their newest series Farbspiele.


Original price: $500
Highest sale: $500
Released: Aug 11, 2022

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