Texture Part II, 2023

100 unique artworks

This project continues my research of generative textures.

Sensing an expressive texture to the touch, perceiving a surface as warm or cool, contemplating subtle color combinations... As an interior designer with extensive experience, I have special attention to these ubiquitous sensual adventures. It is somewhat similar to Japanese poetry, when a minimum of words are immersed in a whole universe of sensations. The Textures series, I explore just such subtle states.

Texture Part II is part of the group exhibition Imperfections. Through a series of long form projects by generative artists, this exhibition explores the role imperfections play in great artworks, and how the pursuit of artistic perfection appears to be a paradoxical endeavour.

Image (png)
4400 x 6400
File size
22.71 MB

Original price: $100
Last sold for: $190
Released: Feb 20, 2023

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