Olga Fradina on the Mysterious Ambiance of her Work

February 19, 2023
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Leyla Fakhr: Could you elaborate on the mysterious ambiance of your artwork, it seems you often incorporate darker tones.

Olga Fradina: I do have an aspiration for deep color ranges. I use monochrome palettes a lot. But I think my work is about emotions. And they are different. Sometimes I want to use brighter palettes, a little emotional explosion. But most of the time you want silence.

Olga Fradina, Texture Part II, 2023, Output detail

Leyla Fakhr: How does the theme of "imperfections" in the exhibition resonate with you, and have you integrated this notion into your creative output in any way?

Olga Fradina: The theme of imperfection is very close to me. I am a supporter of the Wabi Sabi philosophy. All beauty is in imperfection.

Leyla Fakhr: You come from a design background how did you get into coding and digital art?

Olga Fradina : Once upon a time, I wanted my digital creativity to be related to design as well. But after getting acquainted with generative art, I completely changed my approach. I still work with 3D using procedural techniques. I am very interested in code and I try to develop in this direction.

Olga Fradina, Texture Part II, 2023, Output detail

Leyla Fakhr: It must be challenging to work under the current conditions in the Ukraine. Can you share some insights on how you manage to continue creating artwork despite these difficulties?

Olga Fradina: It can be very difficult technically. But in fact, this is a big salvation for me now. I can fully immerse myself in creative work. And it helps me a lot to get through this.

Leyla Fakhr: What direction do you envision for your artwork in the future, and is there a specific path you would like to pursue?

Olga Fradina: I think I'm in the experimental and research phase right now. I want to explore and try a lot. And in this find your way. Now I think that my creativity will be more related to the code. But I'm just as interested in other technologies.

Olga Fradina, Texture Part II, 2023, Output detail

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