Fauna-Ram (forgery) v2-dv3, 2023

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Fauna-Ram (forgery) v2-dv3, 2023 GLB model Dimensions variable (portrait or landscape orientation) Series of 4, 1 + 1AP each

Once thought to be authentic depictions of Fauna-Ram, normally unseen outside of ancient triumvirate groupings, recent scholarship has uncovered this to be a forgery. It is not known when these forgeries were made but they were unearthed atop what is believed to have been a workshop. It is thought that the craftsman were either capitalizing on myths surrounding Ram and Fauna by creating this hybrid, or perhaps there was a genuine sculpture after which these were copied. They are hand decorated and each is different, as can be seen by the layers of materials and imperfections. Paired with decorative bases, which were clearly made in the modern era to appeal to Victorian tastes, the Fauna-Ram forgeries are curiosities which raise more questions than answers about the importance these figures must hold for collectors both ancient and contemporary.


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