You are in my Head.

Licia He
Presented by TENDER

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You are in my head. and You know what I'm doing. are two abstract generative watercolor paintings. They are outputs of Licia He's original generative algorithm titled Circular Vertical Lines. This 2023 Python-based algorithm generates instructions for drawing robots to paint with a customized extra-fine brush over the course of 100+ hours per piece, meticulously dipping itself into various color wells every 2-3 strokes.

Mixed watermedia (watercolor, ink, and acrylic) on 300 gsm cotton paper, signed
50 x 68cm / 19.7 x 26.7in

The NFT shows the original watermedia painting, to be claimed by the token holder on Artfora with payment of shipping costs.Upon resale on the secondary market, the original painting shall be shipped to the new owner. The receiver of the work will cover shipping costs.

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9070 x 12332
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