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  • qubibi
  • Anna Lucia
  • Zach Lieberman
  • Licia He
  • Cory Haber
  • Emily Edelman
  • Marcel Schwittlick
  • Aranda\Lasch

Exhibiting at the Untitled Art fair surrounding Art Basel Miami Beach in 2023, TENDER presents the works of eight leading artists. Shown alongside leading international contemporary galleries, Dimensionality showcases artworks created from code, each presented in special dimensional media that expand the notion of what generative art can be.

These series from Qubibi, Licia He, Zach Lieberman, Anna Lucia, Cory Haber, Emily Edelman, Marcel Shwittlick, and Aranda\Lasch each have their their own look, own technical approach, and own material format: pastel plotter drawings, silver gelatin prints, watercolor plots, letterpress prints, embroidery on stretched wool, carbon pigment prints, blackened copper sculpture, and yes – a video screen.

The tactility of this group exhibition accentuates the multi-dimensionality found in the body of work pursued by each artist: organic microcosms, written ephemera, computational abstraction, contemporary digital craft, algorithmic structures, and light itself.

By presenting these special code-based works in physical formats, emphasis at the fair is placed on the artists and artworks first, allowing for deeper explanation of the generative medium and its techniques to unfold outside of preconceptions around what digital art looks like.

A label by Kazumasa Teshigawara focused on Digital Art. Kazumasa Teshigawara: Artist, interaction Designer, Web Designer, Lecturer (Tama Art University Faculty of Art and Design...
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Anna Lucia
Anna Lucia is an engineer and self-taught artist from The Netherlands living in Cairo. She writes algorithms to generate artworks, often combining mathematics and computer science...
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Zach Lieberman
Zachary Lieberman is an artist, researcher, and educator with a simple goal: he wants you surprised. In his work, he creates performances and installations that take human gesture...
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Licia He
Licia He is a generative artist. Through her research and artworks, Licia explores ways to record and present information around her. She holds a Ph.D. in Information Science and a...
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Cory Haber
Cory Haber is a New York-based generative artist, widely recognized for his innovative approach to bridging the gap between digital and physical art forms. With a passion for...
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Emily Edelman
Drawing on a background in typography and the design of physical spaces, Emily’s generative work invents new grid systems and uses simple shapes to uncover what is possible within...
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Marcel Schwittlick
Marcel Schwittlick is an artist living and working in Berlin, Germany. His work examines the cybernetic aspects of generative systems. Marcel Schwittlick works with multiple media...
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Aranda\Lasch makes objects, installations and buildings through a deep investigation of culture, materials, and algorithmic processes. Located in New York City and Tucson, the...
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Generative Art is an art medium that uses a vast array of techniques and material formats, applied across a limitless range of styles and genres. Its versatility, akin to Painting or Photography, showcases its enduring significance, and Dimensionality provides a small cross section of the genres, techniques, styles, and formats seen in generative art today – demonstrating the multi-faceted nature of the medium for new audiences.

*33 million*, Anna Lucia, 2023

33 million, Anna Lucia, 2023

*33 million*, Anna Lucia, 2023

33 million, Anna Lucia, 2023

Anna Lucia investigates the coded systems behind historical embroidery craftworks and translates their patterns into algorithmic works that simultaneously construct and deconstruct decorative aesthetics into contemporary digital artifacts. These algorithmic works are translated back into physical embroidery on stretched canvas, reducing barriers between craft, art, and automation.

Reductive abstractions, javascript + processing, graphic digital style, embroidery on stretched canvas

*mimizu Untitled*, qubibi, 2023

mimizu Untitled, qubibi, 2023

Qubibi’s mimizu Untitled series embodies the range of extraordinary and idiosyncratic styles across all past mimizu – extending them into something new and unlike anything else within the rapidly budding survey of generative art. This seminal collection by Kazumasa Teshigawara comes with a museum quality 23” pigment print for every acquisition, using the darkest carbon-black available.

Abstract explorations, custom algorithms, organic style, archival pigment prints.

*Reverie*, Emily Edelman, 2023

Reverie, Emily Edelman, 2023

Reverie is a conceptual work by Emily Edelman based on the spoken language of the artist’s grandmother: a woman with dementia who has found peace with a nonlinear and unexpected output of phrases that nevertheless communicate the love she feels. This series was created through a system of rules that follow in the mode of Sol Lewitt’s instructional wall drawings, exemplifying the algorithmic roots of contemporary generative art.

The resulting sequences of phrases that the system randomized follow a similarly random pattern of communication to Edelman’s grandmother’s oral speech, while also being full of love and embodying the contrasting tones and implications frequent to dementia’s patterns.

Conceptual typography, written ruleset, distressed modern style, letterpress on paper.

*You know What I'm Doing.*, Detail, Licia He, 2023

You know What I'm Doing., Detail, Licia He, 2023

*Bloom #1*, Cory Haber, 2023

Bloom #1, Cory Haber, 2023

The plotting innovations of both Licia He and Cory Haber have enabled these artists to bring their algorithmic works to life in completely new ways. Their work allows the idiosyncratic application of analog media to create its own unexpected textures and nuances from within its strictly coded instructions, further layering the unexpected generative nature of their works.

Structural abstractions, python, painterly style, plotted watercolor on paper (He).

Natural representations, javascript, painterly style, plotted oil pastel on stretched canvas (Haber).

*Composition #86: It is what it is*, Marcel Schwittlick, 2023

Composition #86: It is what it is, Marcel Schwittlick, 2023

*Composition #86: It is what it is*, Process image, Marcel Schwittlick, 2023

Composition #86: It is what it is, Process image, Marcel Schwittlick, 2023

Marcel Schwittlick’s pre-existing series of luminogram light plots on silver gelatin paper further demonstrate the survey of machine-drawn possibilities, with works that pay homage to the concrete photography movement by their focus on materiality itself. Linear abstraction, algorithmic processes, graphic drawing style, plotted laser light on silver gelatin paper. Marcel Schwittlick’s pre-existing series of luminogram light plots on silver gelatin paper further demonstrate the survey of machine-drawn possibilities, with works that pay homage to the concrete photography movement by their focus on materiality itself.

Linear abstraction, algorithmic processes, graphic drawing style, plotted laser light on silver gelatin paper.

*Primitives #275*, Aranda\Lasch, 2023

Primitives #275, Aranda\Lasch, 2023

Aranda\Lasch’s generative works Primitives and Henge are spatial explorations that translate their practice’s architectural focus into imaginative explorations of both abstraction and representative works. For the first time, pieces from these series have been output to 3D file formats and reconstructed as sculptural works in blackened copper plating.

Architectural interpretations, three.js, three dimensional etching style, blackened copper sculpture.

As noted in the material formats of the projects above, each work sold in Dimensionality comes with a physical counterpart (with the exception of the second wave of digital-only sales for Anna Lucia’s series). Redemption of physicals for each series is managed through Artfora.

To further contextualize the place of generative art and its multi-dimensionality, TENDER also partnered with Le Random to create a printed overview of the medium’s artistic lineage. This document for fair-goers traces the roots of generative art from Muybridge to Albers, Lewitt to Abromovich, and beyond.

Follow TENDER on Twitter for more details about each work, and for updates from Untitled Art in Miami. To engage in deeper conversation about generative art with TENDER, please acquire a Pass to join the community Discord server.



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