Yazid, Windows in my Soul 3, 2022

Confirming Your Worldview, 2022

10 editions

This series is about my relationship with technology. There is a duality from the "window" wordplay, both being a visual element often featured prominently in the genre of magic realism/surrealism, as well as a concept/metaphor that still remains in the technology that we use daily. Hence you will find various depictions of windows in this series.

Murakami once wrote about the first time he heard The Beach Boys and The Beatles on the radio, how he was moved by it and how he felt as if "their music has thrown open a new window in my soul, and an air of a kind I have never breathed before is pouring in", a feeling he continues to strive to evoke in his readers with the stories and worlds that he creates. So furthermore I took meta inspiration from this in that this is the feeling I felt when I discovered myself and this new world through art and NFTs, each window liberating me from the constraints of reality in its own ways. Nothing short of magical.✨

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Released: Dec 14, 2022

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