Travess Smalley, 10_16_21_Pixel_Rug_01, 2021

10_16_21_Pixel_Rug_02, 2022


Produced in collaboration with Samira Gagné Ludwin of Maman Rugs (Los Angeles) and woven by Shanti Sunita Aparna of Nitya Exports (Bhadohi Nagar Palika, Uttar Pradesh, India), Pixel Rugs is a series of computer-generated images programmed by Smalley responding to the concepts of creating pixel art, dithering textures, and anti-aliasing in digital images.

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Over the past year, the series of hundreds of procedurally generated Pixel Rugs have materialized as an exhibition of plotter drawings; modded game assets in Minecraft; NFTs; a playable GameBoy cartridge containing an interactive slideshow essay; and now as a series of six unique handwoven rugs.

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The buyer will receive the physical handwoven rug. If shipping is required, this will come at an extra cost. Size of the rug: 245 x 245 cm

You can pay by credit card, MetaMask, Tezos or prepaid USDC.
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