Pathways, 2023

Pathways is a concept-artwork by Julien Gachadoat and Vetro Editions. In its complete form, it is the first of its kind: the arts of algorithms coding and book-making coming together in an unparalleled, cutting-edge project. 121 unique covers will compose a grid of 11 x 11 books. When placed together, they will reveal the topography of a fictional map created from imaginary geometric landscapes and abstract parametric urban areas. The map will contain several neighborhoods that will have unique features depending on their localisation allowing viewers to have a “promenade in the world of Gachadoat’s patterns”.

Image (png)
3000 x 3750
File size
2.28 MB

Apr 18 at 5:00pm

Details of the sale will be added shortly.

This project is a randomised short form of 121 unique works.

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