Ebay Sculpture (extended iphone 47 cm), 2020

Ebay Sculpture (extended iphone 47 cm), 2020

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I began experimenting with the eBay sculptures in 2015, however, most of them were destroyed when I relocated from New York to Berlin. I recall that I was looking at art with increasing frequency on my phone; an industrially produced object that is bought, used, sold, and thrown away. I had always wanted to explore the 'readymade' object (as sculpture) with perhaps only slight augmentation.

Using expired iPhone technology was an obvious choice for me as the materials are an amalgam of similar industrial ingredients that I find myself using within my studio practice. As tech is designed to render itself obsolete, there is always a plethora of supply on eBay.


Original price: $100
Last sold for: $100
Released: Aug 2, 2022

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