Möbius, 2023

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Inspired by mosaic pattern work and expressionism, Möbius inverts a trend of generative art, imperfect detailing. Instead using perfect detailing to make an imperfect whole. By playing with this idea it asks us to reevaluate these norms. Does our fascination with imperfection run deeper, beyond simple analog emulation?

By evoking tidal oceans, landmasses and typhoons composed of granular geometry, Möbius sets out to draw parallels with nature. Exposing our attraction to imperfection as something universal and atomic.

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Möbius is part of the group exhibition Imperfections. Through a series of long form projects by generative artists, this exhibition explores the role imperfections play in great artworks, and how the pursuit of artistic perfection appears to be a paradoxical endeavour.


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