hälo, 2023

I’ve learned over the years to look at computers in a very specific way. I believe that beyond being our companion tool for an easier everyday life, through art they can escape the utilitarian aspect that was attributed to them primarily. I type my code. I look at the screen. Something manifests. It’s light.

Not just some magical abstract movement of energy happening in the realms of a silicon world. There’s something in front of my eyes that leaves the surface of a rectangular device to inhabit the room in which I’m present.

The idea behind this collection is to manifest those experiences using code to shift and transport pixels in realtime. To use the computer as the light generator that it is. It’s something that I’ve been working now for several months and it feels like a genuine expression (or at least the attempt) of what I describe above.


Mar 31 at 5:00pm

Details of the sale will be added shortly.

This is a collector-curated generative long-form series. Collectors will be able to save the chosen outputs in advance and pre-select them for purchase.

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