Hypertype, 2022

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”What I am trying to achieve is a means for transformation of one media that is manipulative of one’s attention in order to instill dogma, to another that is manipulative of one’s attention in order to encourage introspection.

In order to explore this idea, I've chosen a variety of news articles, research papers and presentations on the subjects of emotion, facial recognition and affective computing and analysed them using IBM's NLP Sentiment API. This raw data is then used as content for creating unique generative pieces that play with text and typographic form.

Hypertype is first and foremost a textual work that relies on the visual interaction of a variety of typographic signs and letters. There is visual content based on a language system and there is visual context based on a subject matter - computers automating humans.” - Mark Webster


Press the 's' key on your keyboard when in fullscreen mode to download an SVG file of the artwork.



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