Inter-Con, 2019

7 editions

‘Inter-Con’ is a stop-frame animation that depicts 15 sculptures. They are part of Batchelor's ongoing exploration of found colour in the urban landscape. In each of the sculptures a concrete block is paired with bright coloured materials such as offcuts of plastic or neon coloured rulers. Batchelor employs mundane materials and repurposes them to create beautiful objects that are a celebration of the everyday.

Batchelor works across a variety of mediums including sculpture, drawing, painting, photography and installation. While he is best known for his illuminated light boxes, industrial dollies and other found objects, the artist has made colour his leitmotif for the past thirty years. Batchelor is interested in the synthetic colours found in urban environments, rather than the natural and subdued tones found in nature. It is the stark, artificial, industrial and petrochemical qualities that inform his practice and manifest into his works.


Original price: $1,104
Last sold for: $1,104
Released: Jun 29, 2022

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