Sleeping Rough, 2023

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Verse is excited to announce the release of Centrefold 11, a digital flip book showcasing the works of seven artists, including the decentralized autonomous artist Botto. While previous editions of Centrefold were only available in physical form and have been acquired by prominent institutions, museums, and private collectors, this new digital edition marks a significant shift in the medium's distribution and accessibility.

Titled Sleeping Rough, Centrefold 11 explores themes of hardship and homelessness, but also contains sexual references and pushes social boundaries. The project emphasizes artistic collaboration and encourages the liberation of creativity from commercial pressures.

The participating artists' work is layered with texts and images sourced from various mediums, such as philosophy books, news titles, and gay magazines from the 1970s. The playful and whimsical interactions between these elements and the artists' work aim to reclaim the spirit of carefree creativity and challenge the elitist nature of the art world.

Sleeping Rough presents an exciting and innovative approach to contemporary art and invites viewers to engage with the work in new and unconventional ways. It includes the works of: Andisheh Avini, Anne Ryan, Botto, Goshka Macuga, John Robinson, Katy Moran, Salman Khoshroo, Reza Aramesh, Luca Asta.

Issue 11 is part of the group exhibition Imperfections.


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Centrefold is an interactive flip book. Please click through the pages for moving images and sounds. Flip books purchased will have varying rabbit graphic on the penultimate pages.

You can pay by credit card, MetaMask, Tezos or prepaid USDC.
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