Discs, 2023

100 unique artworks

Discs is a generative curated project. It is an exploration of the generative medium and its intrinsic characteristics. It observes how abstract systems can evoke memories and life experiences.

Discs (the word for vinyl records in Catalan) relates to records visually and explores the idea of phonograph records being a medium having their own characteristics and their crackling sound. Can we push the generative medium to find it's particular and unique characteristics and reveal them visually?

Generative algorithms use a lot of randomness, as the ending of the lines and arcs in Discs; generative uses noise, as used in the background of the artwork, the visual crackling, we could say; a lot of loops, and algorithmic systems.

The system behind Discs places elements scattered on a grid. Each element then, looks for it's neighbors. If it's not isolated the visually links to them. An allegory of our life, society and relations. Our need to build connections, to relate to our closest ones, our necessity to build paths, paths that constantly and sometimes randomly change, paths that diverge and grow, creating clusters and long trails.


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Released: Jan 26, 2023

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