Lake Festival , 2023

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You are on the shore of a lake, waiting for the festival to begin. A soft wind blows, and the remains of a storm are passing away.

In art school, I discovered and fell in love with impressionist art. The style of capturing the essence of a scene with bold marks and colors captured my creative curiosity. Throughout my life, I've had a spot in my heart for this movement.

As I began my generative art journey, I looked back at these artists, wondering if I could capture the feeling of an impressionist masterpiece with code. Over time and with experimentation, I've developed and honed my algorithms to closely mimic true brush strokes and applied color mixing techniques to realistically mimic paint mixing.

Lake Festival is the culmination of my work over the past year to capture impressionism on a 2D JavaScript canvas. Through randomness, this piece can explore the styles and moods of several impressionist masters with different paint mixes, brush strokes, and atmospheric conditions. Iterations range the gamut from hope and joy to melancholy and ominous.

This work is best viewed on a desktop or laptop in a Chromium browser. Due to differences in browser rendering, the same work may have slight differences in the rendering of some brush strokes.

Copyright (©) 2023 Matt Perkins / Nudoru


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