APR 12
The Unanswered Question

Auriea Harvey’s practice exists in and between the real and virtual and The Unanswered Question situates both realms of existence on the same pl...

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APR 11
Broken Printer

In Broken Printer, Robak artfully blends the nuances of traditional printing with the boundless scope of generative art, inspired by the evoluti...

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APR 08
Future Skying

"It will be difficult to name a class of landscape in which the sky is not the keynote, the standard of scale, and the chief organ of sentiment....

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APR 02
Total Recall: All Clear

The constant regeneration of the past through new technologies, and the non-stop consumption of recycled cultural copies, creates loops where th...

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MAR 28
200 artworks

What are the things that surround us, but mementos of life? Materials to sustain our lives, reminders of what we want or have had, and even life...

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MAR 26
Los Angelizing

Margaret Murphy’s series Los Angelizing delves into the exaggerated cultural perceptions of Los Angeles, shedding light on the city's hidden com...

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MAR 21

A collection of digitally collaged pieces made during my multi month long stay in korea. combining photos of my environment, each piece threads ...

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MAR 19
urbn artfct
50 artworks

urbn artfct delves into the hustling heart of New York's '90s underground, offering a visual homage to the epicenter of a decade that reshaped u...

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MAR 12
The Age of Self Indulgence

In The Age of Self Indulgence, Alice Gordon continues to explore the depths of human psyche with her distinctive visual style. Here, the self is...

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MAR 06

The landscape is filled with massive structures that look like architectural elements, as if a series of vaults constructed from geometric figur...

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MAR 05
111 artworks

What happens when artificial imagery is pixel-perfect, infinite, and immediately personalized? When your TikTok feed is not just algorithmically...

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MAR 01
Isle of Alcina

In the labyrinthine corridors of imagination, the Isle of Alcina collection stands as a testament to the beguiling interplay between enchantment...

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FEB 28
FEB 27
Fighting windmills

Duration: 6 minutes 5 seconds

This work stages a surreal, synthesized deep fake boxing match between the artist and herself to visualize ...

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FEB 24
Glitch Garden

Text by Spøgelsesmaskinen:

I always been very fascinated by water and flow patterns and how they are present in shaping nature. Ever sinc...

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FEB 22

Every collector is eligible to claim a signed print and/or 3D printed sculpture of their output before March 22nd at 6pm GMT.

Prints will...

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FEB 14
Heuristics of Emotion
1000 artworks

Viscerally digital in aesthetic, yet deliberately static and a fixed aspect ratio, highly blended and textured, embracing the imperfection of ha...

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FEB 07
Frogs of Yakushima 屋久島のヒキガエル

Curatorial Statement by Georg Bak:

"Daichi Mori is a Japanese artist who prefers to maintain anonymity and mystery about his physical ap...

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FEB 06
Ridge Regression

Ridge Regression is a tour of imagined landscapes rooted in data visualization, drawing from real elevation logs that reveal the landscape topog...

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JAN 30
Being Borges Part I

Being Borges proposes a new form of literary translation, begging the question: What’s at stake when language becomes literal via the visual?

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JAN 28
Making an Egg with Hands 3x (Bidder's Edition)

Bidder's Edition for every collector who placed a bid during the auction of Making an Egg with Hands. The video is composed of each three artwor...

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JAN 25
Making an Egg with Hands

The set consists of three recordings showcasing an egg manipulated by two animated hands in a simulated kitchen environment. The recordings are ...

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