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Vetro Editions

Vetro Editions is a Berlin-based publishing house, directed by Luca Bendandi, which in recent years has been positioning itself as a leading reference point in the field of generative art, and digital art more generally. 2021 saw the publication of A.R.E - Augmented Reality Exhibition, a collaboration with Generative Hut, which used AR to fuse the digital dimension of generative art with the physical form of the book, creating a portable exhibition. This was followed by two exhibitions in London and Berlin, and a further series of books and catalogs, among them Matt DesLauriers’ Meridian, and Nature/Code/Drawing by Hiromasa Fukaji and Junichiro Horikawa. Currently in the pipeline is the second title of the A.R.E series, focusing on generative art created with plotters and custom drawing machines.

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