wiwizn Part II - Frequently Asked Questions

October 10, 2022

What’s this?

A mint pass to mint an artwork from qubibi’s wiwizn Part II. The mint pass will allow you to choose one of the works during the redemption window (October 24-31).

Will it magically turn into a qubibi NFT?

No, the NFT artwork will be added separately to your Verse account, and you can withdraw the artwork later to your wallet. It will not be possible to withdraw the mint pass - only the artwork once redeemed.

What is the purpose of the mint pass?

Only mint pass holders can redeem one of the 10 artworks. Collectors will define the edition size in choosing the works they want to mint.

What’s the edition size?

Since during the redemption window the choices are hidden, you will find out at the close of the redemption window (31 October) how big each artwork edition is. You might get a 1/1, or a 1/11, or 1/20.

Is this a Verse token, or just for qubibi pieces?

Just for qubibi. The mint passes redeem artworks for wiwizn Part II, and also act as an access token for the preview of wiwizn Part III in 2023 before the public opening. Those who redeem artworks with their mint passes will receive a signed print of the work they choose to mint.

How many wiwizn artworks will there be in total?

25: Part 1: 5 Part 2: 10

Part 3: 10 (all will be unique - no editions)

Do you have a detailed info link to this mint pass?


How many mint passes are there?

The number of mint passes is capped by 100.

So it’s a max of 100 NFTs distributed over the 10 different artworks?


So one artwork could be a 1/3 edition and then another could be 1/25? As long as the distribution amounts to a max of 100 editions across the 10 different artworks?


How much are the passes?

1000 USD.

Does it come with a print?

Yes, it comes with the signed print 😍

wiwizn, 2022. Work in Progress. Courtesy of the artist and verse.

And then, do you need to pay again for the NFT or does the NFT come for free after you buy the mint pass?

No, you don’t need to pay for the NFT. You only pay for the mint pass.

To confirm - free after mint pass or pay again?

Free. You don’t pay again.

Where is the private opening of wiwizn Part III (before the public view)?

In London in January 2023.

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