AI & ART: May 23rd 2024, Cork Street

Mapping AI Art: Past, Present, and Future Moderated by Katherine Mitchell (Doctoral Researcher, V&A) ⬗ Luba Elliott (Curator, Independent) ⬗ Simon Hudson (BottoDAO) ⬗ Arthur Miller (Professor, UCL)

Curating and Collecting AI Moderated by Louis Jebb (Managing Editor, The Art Newpaper) ⬗ Kay Watson (Head of Arts Technologies, Serpentine) ⬗ Sam Mercer (Producer, The Photographers' Gallery) ⬗ Stefanie De Regel (Head of Development, TAEX)

This event was presented by Verse with the support of Digital Art Week and Taex.

Luba Elliott

Luba Elliott is a curator and researcher specialising in AI art. She works to educate and engage the broader public about the developments in AI art through talks and exhibitions at venues across the art, business and technology spectrum including The Serpentine Galleries, arebyte, ZKM, V\&A Museum, Feral File, CVPR and NeurIPS. She is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the UCL Centre for...
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Kay Watson

Kay Watson is a researcher, producer and curator working with art and advanced technologies, photography and video games. Kay is currently Head of Arts Technologies at Serpentine and a Trustee of The Photographers' Gallery, Mediale and Brighton Photo Fringe.
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Simon Hudson

Simon Hudson, co-lead of Botto, a decentralized autonomous artist run by the Botto DAO. Botto is a first-of-its-kind machine artist that has automated the creative process and interacts with an audience, understanding context and culture, while maintaining its agency as an artist and authorship.
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Louis Jebb

Louis Jebb is a writer, editor and producer of content in virtual reality. Jebb set up and edits The Art Newspaper’s XR Panel, which reviews art-world ventures in augmented and virtual reality. In 2014 he founded, a maker of news content in virtual reality. The company produced one of the first news documentaries in 360-degree video, Hong Kong Unrest; the first art opening in VR...
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Stefanie De Regel

Stefanie De Regel, head of development for TAEX, is a digital art advisor, panel speaker & curator, building projects that engage and connect the traditional art world with the digital realm. Stefanie was recently appointed as one of the international selector of The Lumen Prize 2024.
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Katherine Mitchell

Katherine Mitchell is a PhD researcher in the Design and Digital curatorial section at the V\&A Museum, London. Katherine's research is concerned with this born-digital collection, but specifically the museum’s first software-based artworks, acquired around 2011, which she use to examine digital objects’ changing condition states in museum collections over time.
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Sam Mercer

Sam Mercer is a producer of the digital programme at The Photographer's Gallery focusing on commissioning and curating the Media Wall. He is also an artist, primarily working with moving image, part of the Common Study artists' group. Recent projects include Interruptions, a browser extension with Field Broadcast and Bad Vibes Club as well as 'Nobody Must Realise', filmed around the Knaresborough...
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Arthur I. Miller

Dr. Arthur I. Miller is a scientist, speaker and the author of Colliding Worlds: How Cutting-Edge Science is Redefining Contemporary Art and The Artist In the Machine. Arthur has lectured and written on the history and philosophy of 19th- and 20th-century science and technology, cognitive science, scientific creativity, and the relation between art and science. He was a Professor of History and...
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