how you see me #8, 2022


This artwork will be transferred to the collector's Tezos wallet.

"My inspiration for the series came from the work of Mark Lovejoy, who creates and photographs beautiful mixtures of printing inks. At the same time, my blobs’ hard edges and uniform fills embrace a “digital” aesthetic, and are clearly not perfect renditions of ink mixtures. The use of a computer in creating artwork can be incredibly freeing, it’s a medium with unlimited potential for exploration, and I want my work to reflect that. If you’re going to emulate reality, why not break the rules a little?

On another level, my approach to the series was heavily influenced by the works of Zancan and qubibi who have created these wonderful, rich, and deeply varied generative systems. Starting from scratch on the p5.js web editor can be refreshing, but it makes it difficult to capture an identifiable style for yourself. This series will have 19 pieces, each with randomly arranged and perturbed blobs of paint. However, the underlying generative system I’ve created in service of this series has far more potential, and these 19 pieces are in a sense a debut of that." - Lars Wander

This work was curated by Toni Marinara.

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9500 x 6500
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Original price: $5,555
Last sold for: $5,555
Released: Aug 18, 2022

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