THX–1, 2023

400 unique artworks

This series is an expression of the inherently digital essence of our era. Through finding and amplifying the errors and imperfections inside GAN models, THX-1 transforms technical failures into redeeming aesthetic opportunities.

I created the works in this series using a glitching algorithm that processes images generated with StyleGAN2 and StyleGAN3 models trained on personal datasets, resulting in unique and unpredictable artworks that reflect the beauty and fragility of our digital world. With its vivid use of digitally intrinsic hues and playful approach to glitches and dithering, the dynamic non-representational compositions evoke a sense of nostalgia for the stylistic and technological hallmarks of my upbringing in the 90s.

Informed by Andreas Huyssen's concept of Nostalgia for Ruins, THX-1 reflects on themes of memory, loss, and the human desire to preserve and hold onto the remnants of our past. A poignant examination of the intersection of art, technology, and culture.

–When all is said and done, THX-1 exists because it makes me happy–

⫸ Digital Photography ⫸ StyleGAN2-ADA / SyleGAN3 ⫸ p5.js ⫸

Copyright (©) 2023 Thomas Noya


THX–1 is part of the group exhibition Imperfections.

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5000 x 5000
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Original price: $40
Last sold for: $95
Released: Feb 20, 2023

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