All Decisions are Final, 2021


Please note that this artwork has sound. Click the unmute button above to hear the audio.

‘All Decisions are Final’ is an animation that Mark Titchner created in collaboration with instrumentalist Daniel O'Sullivan. In this work, Titchner tried to create a retro feel, similar to the aesthetics of early experimental film, where the image was distressed by the physical manipulation of the film.

While most of Titchner’s text works are confrontational and stark, in this piece the words are buried under a painterly composition and emerge slowly, thereby making them barely readable. Like fire and smoke, they shift from one shape to another, giving them a transmutable quality that is difficult to grasp.

Working across a number of media including digital print, wall drawing, video, sculpture and installation, Titchner’s practice explores systems of belief, both secular and spiritual, often focusing on forgotten ideologies and objects we place our faith in. A common theme within his work is a search for idealism; a desire for some form of internal confrontation or transcendence.


Original price: $1,656
Last sold for: $1,656
Released: Jun 29, 2022

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