Landscape with Carbon Capture, 2022

Open series

By placing our trust in any of the "future techs" to solve today’s environmental problems, we run the risk of postponing the actions that mattered. Carbon capture is one of those technologies we’ve engaged in to give us an impression of action; perhaps, unconsciously, in order to cover up our anguish, our helplessness or our guilt.

Yet we need to keep moving forward. Art has this kind of energy, charismatic and unifying. If I believe little in technology to save humanity, I keep hope in humanity, in its conscience, in the universality of its love. If only one power is given to artists, it is that of being able to touch, sometimes, the hearts of men.

"Landscape with Carbon Capture" is a critique of my own environmental consciousness as an artist working with technology around natural themes. Although I do not know any solution, although I am helpless just like you, I want to fight with what I’ve got. I want to acknowledge the great hypocrisy of our times. Carbon emissions are here to stay, they'll stain my canvas, no matter how green the colours on my palette.

Generative Art

Made with Javascript code

Right click to save a 3240x3240 PNG file

Pass up &pixelSize=5000 in the URL for a 5000x5000 image or more. Maximum is 16384 on a powerful computer.



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