Lacquer Shapes (LS 01- LS 20), 2023

20 unique artworks

This series is about the interaction between artistic intervention and natural colour flow.Lacquer is being applicated in a fast spontaneous dripping and dropping process creating unique formations. The paint needs time to find its way and to dry - pigments pushing others away or melting together.

’Accidental' colour movement alternates with the artist’s intervention like pressing and pulling zones of paint in diagonal direction.The resulting dried shapes are photographed in a fragmental manner to create new digital artworks in a different scale.

Expressive cutouts build compositions that are new pictures in itself.The digital repetitive CAD pattern attached on top of them adds a unifying recognizable component: An artwork that is all about haptic material exploration now being fed into the unseizable wide Digital Space.

Image (jpeg)
5906 x 7874
File size
4.55 MB

Original price: $250
Last sold for: $1,000
Released: Jan 20, 2023

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