Versuch (Experiment)


Installation view: Werkschau 2017, Werkbeiträge Bildende Kunst des Kantons Zürich, Museum Haus Konstruktiv.

Black flag, glass tank, flagpole, bleach, water, wood approx. 160 x 145 x 25 cm.

The aim of the experiment presented here in a sculpture is to bleach the black flag. To wash it white or pure - in a figurative sense perhaps also to defeat the evil itself. Conceived as an experimental set-up, the outcome of this process is uncertain. If you add too much bleach, you run the risk of the fabric losing its strength and tearing. Too little bleach, however, may not cause any change at all. A small gesture, then, that can turn the positive into the negative - and vice versa - from one moment to the next. Patrizia Keller

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