My better half | Watashi no yoriyoi hanbun | 私のより良い半分, 2022


In a small gallery in the heart of Tokyo, a heartwarming artwork caught the eye of a young man named Taro. The piece was called "My Better Half," and it depicted two brothers, their faces gently touching.

Taro was immediately drawn to the painting, and he felt a deep sense of connection to the brothers depicted in it. He had a close relationship with his own brother, and the artwork made him feel grateful for the bond they shared.

As he stood there, lost in thought, the artist who had created the piece walked up to him. His name was Koji, and he was a talented young painter who had been inspired by his own relationship with his brother to create the artwork.

Koji explained to Taro that the brothers in the painting were himself and his older brother, who he had always looked up to and admired. He told him that they had been through a lot together, and that they supported and loved each other unconditionally.

Taro was moved by Koji's story, and he felt a deep admiration for their relationship. He asked him if he would be willing to paint a portrait of himself and his own brother, so that he could have a beautiful reminder of their bond.

Koji agreed, and over the next few weeks, he worked tirelessly to create a stunning painting that captured the essence of Taro's relationship with his brother. When it was finished, he presented it to him, and Taro was overwhelmed by its beauty.

Taro hung the painting in his living room, and every time he looked at it, he felt a sense of warmth and love. It reminded him of all the good times he had shared with his brother, and of the unbreakable bond they shared. And he was grateful to Koji for helping him to cherish and appreciate that bond.

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Original price: $1,000
Last sold for: $1,000
Released: Dec 14, 2022

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