Q 227 (5ab,6,m1), 2022


This is a map of the multiverse. 

But first... metaverse vs multiverse... 

Metaverse is the digital virtual world (or worlds) of Web 3.0 — the decentralized version of the (WWW) web based on blockchain technologies. It’s where all the NFT action is based, and where Facebook/Meta (ugh) is heading. 

Multiverse is the concept of ‘bubble universes.’ It theorizes that the Big Bang didn’t produce just one universe, but multiples, and that we exist in just one of them. There might be an infinite number of universes in the multiverse— some very similar to our own, but with minor changes to, for instance, the laws of physics.

Quantum mechanics offers a theory that the act of measuring the value of a quantum bit causes the universe to split in two. In one universe the bit equals 0, and in the other the bit equals 1.

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