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Tragedy Static/Heaven, 2023

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In the song Heaven by Talking Heads, heaven is depicted as a bar that everyone is trying to find; a perfect place where they are always playing your favorite song, over and over again ad nauseam. A place where nothing ever really happens and everyone leaves at the same time. In this sarcastic take on bliss, the idea that perfection is static and attainable ultimately makes it a boring, misguided goal.

This collection is an expression of finding beauty and hope in this in-between state where things aren’t quite perfect.

Crisp rectangles at slight angles give the compositions a feeling of potential energy and implied movement that provoke the viewer to shift their perception or assumption of what is desirable or ideal. The impact of any individual element is amplified by creating a tension in how they interact with another. It also uses texture to extend this embrace of imperfection, adding a component of wear that gives them an added dimension of age and character.

Tragedy Static/Heaven is part of the group exhibition Imperfections.

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