Searching Still [Mountain]

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The artworks from the series ‘Searching Still’ observe elusive and intangible sensations such as the feelings of a memory, a longing or a searching.

With these compositions the artist strikes a balance between the machine and the human touch, creating fluid painterly forms from hard-edge digital artifacts. Created on a Raspberry Pi using Python code, selected carefully by the artist from 800+ outputs.

This series of artworks draw parallels with early abstract pieces by Hilma af Klint whose compositions originated from a place of divination. In her work the artist acted akin to a spiritual medium, opening herself to the influence of unseen forces, and creating surprising compositions for their own sake.

This is not unlike the trust that generative artists put in their pseudorandom number generators. Artists creating abstract work using generative techniques gather their tools, open their minds, and let chance drive the composition. The visual language in ‘Searching Still’ carries forward from the histories of abstract art, but also continues a conceptual lineage of intentionally opening oneself to infinite possibilities.

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