Wires, 2023

Open edition

Modern communications are shaped by invisible links. Wires were the main communication channels between information sources and individuals before they became too small to see.

Lines are essential to Manuel Rossner's art. They become volumes in his paintings for virtual reality. The majority of the modern digital worlds are defined by lines, much like blueprints. In his plotter drawings, Rossner displays these basic components of this work.

The relevance of the wire in computing and the expressiveness of the lines throughout art history are linked in the “Wires” generative NFT drop. The line has been and continues to be a vital component of art, from Joan Miró to Vera Molnár and Kenneth Martin.

Move Camera: Right Click & Drag / Move Two Fingers Rotate Camera: Left Click & Drag / Move One Finger Zoom: Mousewheel / Pinch


Original price: $100
Last sold for: $100
Released: Jan 20, 2023

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