Fields, 2023

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Prepare a rectangular or square canvas. Pick one or two sets of pigments. Plot one or two fields of slightly irregular dots, with one layer for each pigment. Offset each layer slightly, horizontally or vertically. Apply a level of randomness to the placement of each dot so that pigments in lower layers can obscure pigments in higher layers. Optionally, divide and displace the randomness in rectangular patches.

Click on press the image and press 1-5 to export the image in increasing resolution. Note that browsers have different upper limits for canvas size. There are five different aspect ratios: 1:1, 5:8, 8:5, 1:2, and 2:1.

Fields is part of the group exhibition Imperfections.


Original price: $200
Last sold for: $247
Released: Mar 9, 2023

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