Night Vision #85, 2022

Night Vision #85, 2022

A self-portrait ten months in the making, the ‘Night Vision’ series is a meditation of hundreds of hours of nose to paper. Using ink and white-out to generate hallucinatory vistas, Jake Fried repeatedly modifies and records his images to create mind-bending animations.

The artist explains that for him the act of drawing is about transmitting consciousness. He sees his artworks as a true expression of himself that he is unable to communicate with words. While in his earlier works he played with collage, colour and figurative compositions, for this series he limited himself to black and white only. His purpose was to reduce the figurative depiction to a minimum and be led by the simplicity of drawing lines. Losing himself in these psychedelic compositions, he made each frame without a preconceived plan and was purely led by the sensation of creating one drawing after another.

This work is available through private sale. Please get in touch via for details.


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