Co(r)ral, 2022

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A generative artwork reminding us of the importance of gathering together to confine our impact on ecosystems. Co(r)ral highlights the process of coral bleaching and our ability to act to reverse it.

Co(r)ral builds upon Pointila – a long form generative art collection released on Art Blocks in September 2022. Pointila explored how dots reminiscent of Pointillist painting could create a range of generative landscapes in different styles.

Co(r)ral dives beneath the ocean. Its verticality a reminder of hidden depths. Its colours inspired by the vibrancy of coral reefs. Like those reefs, it is dynamic: existing between a healthy, colourful state and a damaged, bleached state. Just as coral can recover from bleaching if temperatures drop and conditions normalise so Co(r)ral loops between those states – a reminder of our responsibility to act to reverse the damage.

Co(r)ral can be displayed in triptych to highlight the change in state. It can be displayed as a looping, live artwork or as a single interactive piece – clicking starts and stops the animation loop. When viewed up close, you can see the distinct dots that create the piece.

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Original price: $300
Last sold for: $128
Released: Dec 1, 2022

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