Bloctagon 2, 2021


My work is focused on geometric abstraction and its connection to the natural world, quantum processes and psychedelic phenomena. My drawings and paintings are heavily layered, grid-driven manifestations of imagined, ordered structures and are greatly inspired by the work of my grandfather who was a geometric artist for over fifty years in Iran. For as long as I knew him, he was always engaged in deep explorations of the underlying, source grids from which the infinite tessellations of sacred geometry emerge. His work was more akin to a spiritual and mathematical quest than an artistic practice – as though he was truly trying to decode parts of nature’s algorithm. “The whole universe is in these grids”, he would often tell me.

In 2016, two years after my grandfather passed away, I was suddenly struck with an intense curiosity about his work. I started drawing my own grids based on residual memories I had of conversations with him about the rhythms of those linear constructions. Little did I know that I was about to get drawn into the same portal that he had walked into half a century earlier – and see what pulled him in so deep.

Using mainly pens, paint and rulers, I apply repetitive numeric symbolism and thousands of hand-drawn lines and pixels to build complexity out of simple forms. This mathematical approach relies on advanced planning, precise calculations and several, self-developed methodologies to ensure vital dimensional accuracy. The slow execution of the work is engrossing, meditative and deeply satisfying. I often create work in a series of separate, interconnected pieces that together signify sequential and infinite progressions of color and pattern.

The intention of my practice is to remember, reveal and represent the emergent harmony and inherent beauty that underlies the structure of our shared reality.

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Original price: $500
Last sold for: $500
Released: Aug 29, 2022

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