Fidenza Verse

Fidenza #808, 2021

Tyler Hobbs’ Fidenza series is an immutable script sitting on the Ethereum blockchain, representing the coming of age of generative art. When 999 Art Blocks users minted these works a year ago, they purchased an NFT containing a provably unique seed. The seed controls the variables in the script and thus controls the output, or appearance of the work. Fidenza is a flow field algorithm, allowing the artist to produce unpredictable, organic curves. Relying on indeterminability, these self-referential works are both medium responsive and enacted by their participants. The act of minting defines the work itself: collectors gather around their screens to interact with the artwork and the editions produced are the unfiltered offerings of the artwork in return. This moment of temporality – a genuine interpersonal exchange within the digital landscape – places Fidenzas in conversation with performance art.

This work is available through private sale. Please get in touch via for details.


This work is available through private sale.
Please email for more information.

Please contact for sale details.

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