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In 2007 I moved from Toronto to Brooklyn. Before my Canadian departure, I took a brief 2-day trip to New York to secure a studio. I rode the bus for 10 hours arriving at Port Authority in Manhattan. That weekend, I managed to accomplish my goal. I rented a space within a small industrial complex. During those years the language of my work developed from the utilitarian nature of securing and protecting American industrial architecture. Fear and safety became defining aesthetic interests for me. Encrusted bricks with decaying advertisements and rotten adhesives, supplied my interest in mark making. Barred windows were positioned as points of light – interior accessibility just removed. I took this information and slowly eliminated more traditional materials replacing them with acrylic glass, glue, silicone, steel, video, and mirror. My studio output produces excess material offcuts and remnants. The video works utilizing fire, glass and fluorescent lights are a direct result of mining my production waste and finding a use for the unused.

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Released: Jun 16, 2022

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