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Jason Bailey

Jason Bailey is the CEO of and cofounder of ClubNFT, a tech startup that has safely backed up thousands of NFT collections at no cost to collectors. Bailey is well known for his popular art and tech blog where he predicted the current NFT art explosion back in 2017. An early NFT collector and proponent of the CryptoArt movement, Bailey was the first collector on SuperRare and partnered with the marketplace to introduce the traditional art world to NFTs in 2018 at Christie's London. In 2021 Bailey founded the GreenNFTs initiative to help explore and promote eco-friendly NFT practices. Jason has written on art and tech for Art in America and the Harvard Data Science Review and has lectured at Christie’s, Sotheby’s, and top universities and institutions around the world. Prior to ClubNFT, he spent two decades in senior leadership positions at tech startups before launching his own successful tech marketing and business consulting practice in 2019.

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