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Ira Greenberg has been a painter, 2D/3D animator, print designer, web/interactive designer/developer, programmer, art director, creative director, managing director, art and computer science professor and author. He wrote the first major language reference on the Processing programming language, Processing: Creative Coding and Computational Art, (Berkeley, CA: friends of ED, 2007) and two subsequent creative coding texts.

He has steadily exhibited his work, consulted within industry, and lectured widely throughout his career. He was affiliated with the Bowery Gallery in NYC, Flywheel Gallery in Piermont, NY,, and is currently a member of Strata Gallery in Santa Fe, NM. He directs the Center of Creative Computation and is Professor at SMU. Ira received his M.F.A. from University of Pennsylvania and B.F.A. from Cornell University. He splits his time between Dallas, TX and Santa Fe, NM

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