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Felipe Sepulveda, known as Alfacenttauri, is a Chilean multi-disciplinary artist.

The basis of his creative process is the deconstruction of known forms, used as a means of exploring a new digital aesthetic. Fantastic worlds inhabited by polymorphic and fluid creatures are the subjects of a futuristic narrative which seems to invite us into visual and sensual discoveries. His work opens up a debate on the dangers of our terrestrial future and suggests the hypothesis of salvation and rebirth in the still unexplored identities, ecosystems and new forms of nature.

Alfacenttauri has participated in collective exhibitions in museums and art galleries throughout the Americas such as Public Works: The Lowline in New York City, Pupilata dilatada in Rio de Janeiro, the ETH Latin American conference in Buenos Aires and the NFT auction curated by Mint Gold Dust in the NFT.NYC event in Times Square.

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