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Agoria (Sébastien Devaud) is an electronic music producer who has released 5 albums with both major Universal Music, Virgin and indie labels Pias. Agoria has been an early contributor to the French electronic music scene with the creation of his own label Sapiens, and Lyon electronic music festival Les Nuits Sonores.

He has also been very active and creative in the art scene, he collaborated with Philippe Parreno on art exhibitions and performances at the Armory Park in NYC (2018), at the turbine hall of Tate Modern in London (2018), and started his own solo show in Miami Art Basel (2019). His recent project {Compend-AI} has been selected in 2022 to be exhibited in Times Square.

Agoria is combining art, music and science in his work. He collaborates with biologists, neuroscientists, and philosophers.

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