Kerim Safa & loackme

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Kerim Safa is a Netherlands-based artist working with pixels and sounds. His exploration revolves around ideas related to systems, perpetuity, perception, and representations. Safa's practice finds primary inspiration in early abstract animations and computer games, incorporating pixel aesthetics, frame-by-frame animation techniques, and a limited color palette. His artworks often showcase cyclical mechanisms, mathematically-inspired patterns, intricate contraptions, and musical elements.

loackme is a French generative artist currently based in Amsterdam. loackme's artistic practice is characterised by his love for monochrome and geometric designs, as well as animated loops. Amongst other things, he’s a self-professed 'dither enthusiast', using various dithering algorithms to create the illusion of a wide range of colours (or shades of grey) from a limited palette. The strong aesthetics and constraints associated with these algorithms are a constant source of inspiration for him.