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  • Paweł Grzelak
  • Symplasma: Experiment —  Imperfections

IRL exhibition Feb 22-26
4 Cromwell Place, South Kensington, London SW7 2JE

Alive, yet static. Symplasma, also known as glass sponges, are the oldest living organisms on Earth. Their core, created from silica, is both rigid but also very brittle, making them easily damaged by human seafloor activity.

The artist explores the unexpected results of preserving Symplasma by creating ideal living conditions for them in the lab. The lack of struggle for food and the absence of adversaries encourages each specimen to grow freely. In isolation, they achieve a variety of forms, limited only by the space available.

Experiment is the first of a number of Symplasma series. Other peculiarities of the phylum will be explored in subsequent series.

Pawel Grzelak, *Symplasma: Experiment*, *Symplasma O*, 2023

Pawel Grzelak, Symplasma: Experiment, Symplasma O, 2023

Pawel Grzelak, *Symplasma: Experiment*, *Symplasma J*, 2023

Pawel Grzelak, Symplasma: Experiment, Symplasma J, 2023

Pawel Grzelak, *Symplasma: Experiment*, *Symplasma N*, 2023

Pawel Grzelak, Symplasma: Experiment, Symplasma N, 2023

Symplasma: Experiment* is part of the group exhibition Imperfections.
The artworks in this exhibition can be purchased in digital format only.


Paweł Grzelak

Paweł Grzelak is a three-dimensional artist who has transitioned from design to art over the last two decades of experimentation in the field. Specializing in the procedural approach enables him to mimic natural processes such as growth or decay, and indirectly guide the movement in his creations. In his most recent animated series, he combines the patterns, behaviors, and shapes observed in...
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