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Verse is delighted to present Simple Thoughts by Khwampa.

Simple Thoughts is a series of MS Paint paintings, brought to life through the marriage of physical touch and digital programs ~ envisioning tales of new worlds and their various environments & biomes.

Khwampa captures transmissions from the microscopic view of cells, sending us signals back via various interstellar terrariums where energy from their histories unfold in real time. Unearthed within the mind, it is an archival of the journey of our imaginations reaching further than ever before.

Each piece is a chronicle of its time, a bird-eyes view of morphed structures caught in various streams of abstract direction.
Without collision, every element holds its ground in permanent suspension.

Within Simple Thoughts Khwampa explores the aesthetics of digital compression artifacts from the use of different paint brush sizes in MS Paint. At particular brush size to canvas ratios, the program functions differently in characteristic ways; at one ratio it causes pixelation between the fill and the outlines, at another the fill and the outlines are clean.

Painting is an experimental and ever-changing expression for Khwampa, never a process with predefined steps.

‘I mostly follow the line, try to hear and see where it is taking me. Every being that manifests wants to communicate in one way or another. As an artist I want to hear the lines, the images, and the medium better. Hear what it wants to communicate, add something of my experiences, and present it to the viewer. ’


*Blast of Colors and Form*, Digital Painting Detail, 2023

Blast of Colors and Form, Digital Painting Detail, 2023

*Deserted Station*, Digital Painting Detail, 2023

Deserted Station, Digital Painting Detail, 2023

Khwampa's artwork from the MS Paint series delves into the concept of minimalist thought, where thoughts serve as the foundation for the artistic process.

When the excessive array of inputs provided by digital tools are condensed to just 4 or 5, what form does thought take?

Embracing the constraints and possibilities offered by MS Paint and its limited toolset, Khwampa produces dynamic, harmoniously composed works that excel in exploring a diverse range of colors. This collection truly comes to life when viewed alongside his other bodies of work, such as Expressions or Ashes, providing a comprehensive understanding of his artistic vision.

*Through the Olive Trees*, Digital Painting Detail, 2023

Through the Olive Trees, Digital Painting Detail, 2023

*A Window into my Soul*, Digital Painting Detail, 2023

A Window into my Soul, Digital Painting Detail, 2023

*Taste of Cherry*, Digital Painting Detail, 2023

Taste of Cherry, Digital Painting Detail, 2023



Khwampa is a multidisciplinary artist operating from a studio in the Himalayas. He creates works in mediums like painting (physical and digital), writing, sculpture, collage, mixed media and data. His works are mostly inspired by his own visual and cultural experiences, philosophy, science and architecture.
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As a long-time collector with an unparalleled passion for digital art, Ivan curates from the heart.
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