Frank Manzano ScheduledProgramming

Artie Galerie proudly unveils its inaugural Verse exhibition, ScheduledProgramming, a showcase of 30 AI-assisted video pieces by artist Frank Manzano.

Inspired by his native West Chicago, Manzano’s work delves into the deep underbelly of Americana, exploring the role of media and violence in American entertainment and culture. With artificial intelligence as Manzano’s collaborator, he probes past the proverbial event horizon, visually investigating the black hole of excess at the center of the modern world.

Manzano’s work is compelling, yet unsettling, and instantly recognizable. Strangely exhilarating, the viewer feels as if in a place one should not be … but can’t resist, nonetheless.

There is an almost nostalgic anxiety in his art, a sort of “funhouse mirror” merger of the viewer’s own memories and the unfamiliar. A feeling of nagging discomfort exists, yes, but also glimpses of strange optimism and hope. That perhaps the hard part is looking down the barrel of the gun pointed at us all.

Formally trained in film and photography at Columbia College, Manzano takes the next step technically in ScheduledProgramming, delivering high-definition cinematic intent in every single frame. While slightly less visually frenetic than past efforts, each piece nonetheless quickens the pace of the viewer’s heartbeat and leaves them unable to break away until their dream (or nightmare) ends.

The collection as a whole offers a multifaceted exploration into human identity and the manipulation of perception and consciousness through media and technology such as AI itself. In this increasingly digital and chaotic world, Manzano questions the very future of humanity and does not mince his words.


Frank Manzano

Frank Manzano is a Chicago native working at the forefront of AI-based video art, creating abstract and conceptual digital compositions that delve into the realm of shared societal symbols and the profound connections individuals forge with them. Formally trained in film and photography at Columbia College, his art reflects the belief that moments of profound revelation often emerge from the...
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Artie Galerie

Artie Galerie, founded in 2023, aims to find, nurture and showcase digital artists that push their mediums forward.
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